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Setting up the code and database has gone well. The thing I'm stuck on is how to setup the SSL certificate on the Load Balancer.

The problem being that since the site is live I can't see how I can authenticate the domain as I can't change the DNS CNAME record until I'm ready to go live and I won't be ready to go live without SSL on the new environment.

Is this something that has to be done as part of go live and if so how long will it take so I can plan how long the outtage will be?

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Thank you for using Lightsail.

Domain ownership is verified by adding a CNAME for the generated subdomain provided when you initiate the certificate creation process. Therefore the root domain, and any existing subdomains should be unaffected.

Read more about the verification process in our docs here:


answered 4 years ago

Hi Jonathan

Thanks for the response. I've added the two cname records to the DNS but it doesn't seem to have changed the status. Also the article you included indicates that Step 1 is to Create a DNS Zone, before adding the CNAME records. I've added a DNS Zone, but haven't updated the nameservers.


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answered 4 years ago

Ok, worked it out. The problem is taking literally what is presented by the Lightsail LB and adding the CNAME record. The GoDaddy system was automatically adding the domain name so the end result was incorrect.

answered 4 years ago

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