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Shared VPC for multiple Companies


is it possible for a Group of companies with independent IT infrastructure to share a VPC? This is a corporation, let's say CorporateXX, which includes Company A, B, C and D. Each company with their own IT infrastructure. They want to build a data warehouse where relevan information, from all 4 companies, will be shared for the corporate executives. Is it possible? is it a cost effective solution? of course security is the main concern.

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Are these different companies that belong to the same corporate group part of the same AWS organization, or do they have their own independent AWS organizations?

If they are part of the same AWS organization and just have their own independent AWS accounts, then yes it is possible to share VPCs as documented here -

This blog is also worth a read -

If these are in different AWS organizations, you can create one account and VPC in the corporate organization where you will deploy the data warehouse and peer it with VPCs from other sub-companies' AWS accounts. That way you will be able to move data to the data warehouse in the corporate account VPC.

VPC peering with VPCs in other organizations can put you out of compliance with NIST4 as per this from Trend Micro -

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