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I have a domain from GoDaddy that routes back to Route53 using the name servers. I have received an email that my domain could not be renewed. I have added the validation CNAME from the certificate and this domain does say eligible for renewal (used with at least one AWS service). I just added the validation CNAME yesterday in Route53 to the records. I checked today and it still showing pending validation - does it take longer than 1/2-1 day to try again? OR is there something else I need to do?

  • Is the domain delegated to Route 53? ie, in GoDaddy, does it list the AWS name servers? Usually, if the domain is delegated to Route 53 adding the CNAMES can be done via the certificate manager interface (there's a button to add the records to Route 53). Doing it that way usually results in validation happening within 30 minutes, often sooner.

  • Thanks! That did the trick! Appreciate the help.

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Hello, It does take longer than 72 hours, however if it does not change from Pending Validation to issued after 72 hours. Please feel free to reach out to AWS Support to check on the status.


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  • I was able to get this renewed using the add records to route53. When I had done it manually, I had missed an "_" which was causing it to fail.

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