How can we increase the speed of the container running in AWS ECS ?


How can we increase the internet speed of the container running in AWS ECS and later how can we verify that container internet speed is increased or not while downloading any dependencies on container or posting some data into S3 while working with JAR execution from the container etc. ?

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Hi, the answer to this depends a lot on what type of capacity you are using underneath of Elastic Container Service. For example if you are using EC2 capacity then the network bandwidth available to your container is going to depend entirely on the networking performance of the EC2 instance that you selected. The AWS docs has a section on networking bandwidth for various EC2 instances:

If you are using AWS Fargate as the capacity for running your containers then the networking performance will depend on the size of the task you are running. Larger tasks with more CPU and memory get higher networking performance.

You can test networking performance by running a standard Unix tool like iperf inside of your container. You could either use Amazon ECS exec to open a shell to one of your running containers, or create your own custom task definition that runs the iperf tool inside of a container.

answered 2 years ago

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