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"You can use the cross-account management feature in AWS Backup to manage and monitor your backup, restore, and copy jobs across AWS accounts that you configure with AWS Organizations."

Does the backups in the vault knows to which account to restore? i know it says it keeps the configuration of the backups like vpcId, etc.. I read in the documentation about the api action "start_restore_job" where you pass all the configurations in the metadata parameters depending on the ResourceTYpe, what about the destination account or regions ?

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Enabling cross-account management allows backups created by AWS Backup to be shared to another member account.
In other words, if the backup is not shared, it cannot be restored by another member account.
The "start_restore_job" should only be executed in the AWS account that is being restored.

AWS Backup does not support recovering resources from one AWS account to another. However, you can copy a backup from one account to a different account and then restore it in that account. For example, you can't restore a backup from account A to account B, but you can copy a backup from account A to account B, and then restore it in account B.

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  • Can the member account retrieve its own related backups from the "backup" aws acount and restore it in its own account ?

  • To restore in a member account, you must copy the backup from your "backup" aws account It is not possible to restore directly.

  • i see. thanks you

  • But what about Key-Pair? i did Restore the EC2 which I share with my other member account, but when I tried to restore it, I found there is no option to select key-pair, in Advance options I found and I select new key pair. i did launch instance from recovery point, but my health checks for Instance getting failed every time. not getting why actually.


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