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We're new to AWS and launched an EC2 instance, in addition to some other services. Public website isn't active. Main concern is Elemental Media Package at the moment used 500GB for one of the packages this month and we are not sure why so much data is being processed. Last month, there was over 2TB of data processed.

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You can use CW for monitoring the usage as per the requirement. Link - -- [1]

AWS CloudTrail captures API calls and related events made by or on behalf of your AWS account and delivers the log files to an Amazon S3 bucket that you specify. You can identify which users and accounts called AWS, the source IP address from which the calls were made, and when the calls occurred. Link- -- [2]

AWS Elemental MediaPackage access logs provide detailed records about requests that are made to a channel. Access logs are useful for many applications. For example, access log information can be useful in security and access audits. You can track the usage and the Source/Destination using the same. Link- -- [3]

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answered a year ago

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