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EMR with GP3 EBS storage and M6i Instance Types


When does EMR support GP3 EBS storage and M6i instance types???

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The way AWS works is by gathering data on customers' needs and prioritizing the development of the most needed and requested features. Just asking "when..." without providing the background to the request regarding your workload and scale needs is not going to work. EMR is the service that is supporting the largest number of versions both of application and instance types compared to any other AWS service. Maintaining that many configurations and testing that everything works for every possible combination is a big challenge. You need to sell your need to prioritize its release.

answered 8 months ago
  • We are trying to work on Reducing our EBS costs as most of our servers use upward of 1TB Volumes. So we wanted to know if there is a timeline. But it looks like it will be whenever it will be. So I will accept your answer and close this one. thank you


EMR GP3 support is released in most of the regions, currently EMR supports default throughput of 125MB/s and configurable throughput will be released later this year. No ETA on M6i instance support.

answered 5 months ago
  • Hi Bharat, do you have the AWS announcement of this gp3 feature availability now supported on EMR? thank you

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