Import DMP file in to Oracle RDS from EC2 instance


So, have some DMP files that was exported from a oracle on premise, using expdp. And now from the linux EC2 instance i need import those dumps that is already there if is possible using the impdp but since there is no access to directory in the RDS instance how to do that?

On linux i hace oracle installed and i can connect by sqlplus in the target db.

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Hi Dear The problem that impdb require directory config that in normal oracle db must be in the same oracle installation server but since i need to import in oracle rds is not possible that is my current issue

answered 5 days ago
  • The file does not have to be physically on the RDS instance

    impdp username@${ORACLE_SID} dumpfile=file.dmp

The impdp command just take a username@SID in the same way as any database client such as plsql. If you can reach your instance with plsql you should be able to reach it with impdp. There is no requirement that the DMP files reside on the RDS instance.

answered 5 days ago


Dump file has to be on the directory which is accessible to RDS instance, in this case its ebs volume attached to RDS.

You would need to enable S3 integration with RDS for Oracle.

First copy data file to S3, which is accessible by RDS instance.

Copy file using rdsadmin.rdsadmin_s3_tasks.download_from_s3.

Once dump file is copied to RDS volume than you may use EC2 to connect to RDS instance to import using command line utility. or else through pl/sql (sqlplus).

Hope this will help


answered 4 days ago

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