integration of api gateway with event-bridge to get the 5xx error.


i want to do the integration of api gateway with event bridge where i want to make a rule for the 5xx error so that the error generated by the api gateway can be easily picked up and here the target will be used here will be SNS.

or tell me the process to integrate the apigateway and eventbridge for apigateway 5xx error.

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I hope my suggestion helps you out. Please follow the steps

Integrating Amazon API Gateway with Amazon EventBridge to capture 5xx errors and send notifications via Amazon SNS involves several steps. **This guide assumes you're familiar with the AWS Management Console and basic AWS concepts.

Here's how you can set it up:**

  1. Create an SNS Topic:

    • Go to the AWS Management Console.
    • Navigate to the Amazon SNS service.
    • Create a new topic. This is where the error notifications will be sent.
  2. Create an EventBridge Rule:

    • Navigate to the Amazon EventBridge service in the AWS Management Console.
    • Create a new rule:
      • Event Source: Choose "Event Source = AWS API Gateway".
      • Specific service(s): Select the API Gateway you want to monitor.
      • Event Type(s): Choose "ApiGateway" and "ApiCall".
      • Event pattern:
          "detail": {
            "responseElements": {
              "httpStatus": [ { "prefix": "5" } ]
      • Targets: Add a target, and select the SNS topic you created earlier.
  3. Deploy the API Gateway:

    Make sure your API Gateway is deployed and is live.

  4. Generate a 5xx Error:

    Create an endpoint that intentionally generates a 5xx error. You can do this by creating a resource and method that throws an exception or returns a 500 status code intentionally.

  5. Verify the Setup:

    Trigger the 5xx error by calling the respective endpoint. This should trigger the EventBridge rule, which in turn sends a notification to the SNS topic.

  6. Check SNS for Notifications:

    • Go to the Amazon SNS service in the AWS Management Console.
    • Navigate to the topic you created.
    • You should see notifications related to the 5xx error that was triggered.

Please note:

  • Ensure your IAM roles and permissions are correctly set to allow EventBridge to communicate with SNS and API Gateway.
  • Always consider security best practices when setting up such integrations.

Remember to thoroughly test the integration to ensure that you're receiving the desired notifications for 5xx errors from your API Gateway.

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answered 9 months ago
  • in event pattern, what should i select?

    1. Event source--?
    2. aws service--?
    3. event type --?

    what will be the event pattern which i need to do.?

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