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EventBridge max EventBuses on event path


I have a following event routing:

EventBusA -> EventBusB -> EventBusC -> SQSQueue

When I send event to EventBusB or EventBusC it is routed to SQSQueue. But when I send an event to EventBusA, it does not arrive to SQS. Is there any limitation regarding the length of the path the event can be routed through? I double confirmed this is not a problem with my config

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Yes, there is a limit when sending events between buses in the same region. An event can traverse from a bus to a different bus only once. If you look at the doc, you will see:

EventBridge can't route events received from a sender event bus to a third event bus.

If you need to send it to two buses, just create two rules on the first event bus that will route to both buses.

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answered 4 months ago

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