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Hi guy, I'm new for EKS and I have a question about IP address of pods in worker nodes. When I create an EKS cluster with some worker nodes then deploy a pod and do "kubectl get" command, I see each pod has its own IP address. I don't know how pods can get IP, do they use the IP of worker node. Any architecture or diagram can illustrate the IP allocation for pods. If you know how to answer my question, please help me. Thanks!

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If each pod has an IP from your VPC you are using the VPC-CNI networking mode. The EKS Best Practices guide has a lot of information about the different networking modes and diagrams for how the VPC-CNI works.

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Hello Steven,

When you create an EKS cluster, VPC CNI plugin is installed into your cluster and it provides networking for pods.

The VPC CNI allocates ENIs (Elastic Network Interfaces) to each worker node and uses the secondary IP range from each ENI for pod IP addresses.

The VPC CNI runs an IPAMD (IP Address Management Daemon) on every node which is responsible for maintaining a warm pool of IP addresses, and assigning IP addresses to the pods.

However, if you run a pod with hostNetwork: true, the pod will get the IP address of the host that it is running on.

Please go through this EKS Best Practices document for more information related to EKS networking.

Please leave a comment if you have any further questions. Thank you!

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