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SES is not sending Email to outlook and Ymail


Hi, Recently I am facing issue with SES, Which is not sending Emails to Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, but issue not exists in other Email providers. Any one facing the issue or cause. Kindly share your suggestions

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2 Answers

Please check and confirm your SPF and DKIM settings. I faced similar issue with AWS SES with office365, once I fixed the DKIM it started working properly.

For more information on AWS SES DKIM and SPF:

Also please check following:

answered 8 months ago

I am passing a similar issue, I will share here in case it can help.

I found that my emails sent from SES to outlook/hotmail were always sent to spam/junk folder, the main reason was that I am using configure set tracking open and clicks, where the email body has the link.

I did a test removing the configure set tracking open and clicks, then, when the email doesn't have the, the emails were sent to the other tab in hotmail, not send to spam/junk folder.

So, it is not a conclusion yet, but seems that emails that are sent with the track (, they are tagged as spam from outlook/hotmail.

In my case, I disabled the track open/click config set when the destination is outlook/hotmail.

answered a month ago

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