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RDS modify instance not working


I can't modify my RDS instance, drop-downs are not working, getting invalid values on a disk size and also getting 400 error in browser console, here's couple screenshots for exampledrop-down-not-working invalid-values-and-dropdown devtools-400-error

1 Answers

Check out this previous post, is it possible for you to try a different browser?

You can also try using the CLI to modify the instance class.

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answered a month ago
  • I've tried three different browsers, incognito tabs - none of these options work. Yeah, I know that I can try to use AWS CLI, but that's not what I wanted you know... I want to be able to change DB engine version, I guess I have to try to use modify-db-instance with --engine-version param, but as for the value for this param I need to view it from the AWS console and then type it into the CLI...

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