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Pass scripting variables to html in Sumerian


Hi folks, I've got an html3d element for use in a scene (it's actually part of a group of entities). I want to pass data to it from a script that reads JSON content from S3.

1. My understanding is that I can't use the script tags inline or with src= from within the html, so how do I get the variables into the html?
2. I'm looking at module://sumerian-aws/api, but can't see how to issue an API call to read from S3 - is there a tutorial on this?


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Regarding item 1, here's a useful approach...

In Sumerian, with your HTML3D entity selected, open it for editing in the text editor. Set the entity's HTML code to something like this:

<div id="my-html3d-content">Hello world.</div>

You'll then be able to change the content of the HTML3D entity using standard Javascript DOM code like this:

var contentElement = document.getElementById('my-html3d-content');
contentElement.innerText = 'My new content.';  // or .innerHTML

Regarding item 2, Sumerian doesn't have built-in integration with Amazon S3. But no worries, you can still make calls to S3 if you first add the AWS Javascript SDK as an external dependency to your project.

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answered 8 months ago

Awesome, thank you!

answered 8 months ago

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