API Gateway: Difference between "Maximum integration timeout" and "TimeoutInMillis"


Can someone help me understand the difference between API Gateway's TimeoutInMillis and the quota Maximum integration timeout described in the Amazon API Gateway quotas and important notes

The first has a maximum of 29 seconds whilst the other has a maximum of 30 seconds. It doesn't seem to make sense to have the API Gateway timeout after 29 seconds but allow for a greater timeout for integration points.

Also where on the AWS console can I find the current value for those two settings? I found an old post saying it was on the "Integration Request" but there is no such setting.

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REST vs. HTTP APIs. REST has a maximum of 29 while HTTP has a maximum of 30.

For REST, it is listed in the Integration, select the METHOD (GET for example), then on the bottom, there is "Use Default Timeout". Unselect it and you should be able to change the custom timeout between 50ms to 29s.

For HTTP, it is under Integration Details, Advanced Settings.

REST is also known as v1, and HTTP is known as V2. API Gateway HTTP APIs is not at parity with REST, but has better latency, cheaper, and will be the future. More parity features will be forthcoming.

answered 2 years ago

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