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We have specific need where we receive a large number of emails regulary. We receive up to 500 emails per minute from a single email adress. I read in the faq that there are no receiving limits with Aws WorkMail, however your messages can be queued or even rejected if large volume of emails are received in a short period of time.

Is there anyway to find out how many emails (per minute/per hour) actualy constitutes a large volume of incoming email in a short period of time?

Is there a way to insure that receiving emails are not rejected in any way at least from a single sender?

Thank you

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AWS WorkMail is a business mail and calendaring solution. You use case sounds one that does not really fit WorkMail as a normal mail user would not process 500 mails per minute. You can use SES Inbound rules to save incoming mail to a S3 bucket would that fit your use case?

Kind regards, Robin

answered 3 months ago

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