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Does Recovery of DB instance run automatically?


I have a Aurora db cluster with a writer and a reader instances. The other day, I got notifications from the alarm of CloudWatch to monitor the status of Aurora reader instance. It said "Recovery of the DB instance has started. Recovery time will vary with the amount of data to be recovered". I checked access logs but found no accesses to DB. Also I found no anomaly detections in DB instance. In this case, it happnes only in a reader instance and is different from fail over in Multi AZ. I beleive Recovery of DB instance always works manually but does it run automatically? Please advise.

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"Recovery of the DB instance has started. Recovery time will vary with the amount of data to be recovered" usually is seen in case there is a reboot (usually unplanned but not limited to) of the instance and RDS automation automatically identifies and fixes it back for use. Fail-overs are triggered only in case the primary instance has issues. If the reader has an issue it would just reboot and be back online (after recovery) to serve workload again.

Although, in case a thorough analysis is needed, we recommend a support ticket to our AWS Support Engineering Team. But to answer your specific question - yes, it can run automatically in RDS. Hope I-was able to shed some light on the matter. Have a great rest of the day!

answered 3 months ago
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  • Hi, I had the same scenario too where it happened on my writer instance causing all my services failed. I understand the recover happens automatically but is there anyway we could know beforehand so we could planned ahead of time? thanks

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