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Lightsail WordPress sites very very slow and freezing


I am creating two WordPress websites using Lightsail but am having a nightmare. Both sites are running very very slowly and both keep 'crashing' as in jamming and I can't do anything. and

Both sites are still being put together and are only a few pages with only accidental visitors. I have no idea what is going wrong but I am getting so fed up I am seriously considering giving up and moving the sites to somewhere else as they are not workable. I've wasted weeks on this :-(

I have only basic knowledge so need a dummy's guide of what I could do to work out what is going wrong. I have done various searched and found others with similar issues but no actual answers as to what is happening, why and how to correct it. I'm hoping my post will help others - not just me.


asked 8 months ago252 views
1 Answer

One place to start is health metrics, which you can read about here:

Another thing to consider is whether you're exhausting your instance's burst capacity: If so, you may want to upgrade to a more powerful instance type to ensure adequate performance for your workload.

answered 7 months ago

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