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I tried to migrate my EC2-classic to VPC Before using wizard "systems-manager/automation", i have only create an new Security Group in my standalone VPC. My VPC and my EC2 server are all in Ireland, why this error ? I just use "Test" and get security group id created just before How could i resolve it ?


Step fails when it is Poll action status for completion. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/tmp/6c97ba4a-da4f-4e64-9657-1340b5e9d1e1-2022-05-02-16-03-47/", line 186, in verifysecurityGroup raise Exception('[ERROR] Security Group and Subnet are not in same VPC') Exception: [ERROR] Security Group and Subnet are not in same VPC Exception - [ERROR] Security Group and Subnet are not in same VPC. Please refer to Automation Service Troubleshooting Guide for more diagnosis details.

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Hi there

According to the error you receive, go to the VPC console, check which VPC is your SubnetID that you are using. Your Security Group must be from the same VPC.The following command describe-subnets example uses a filter to retrieve details for the subnets of the specified VPC.

aws ec2 describe-subnets --filters "Name=vpc-id,Values=vpc-06e4ab6c6cEXAMPLE"

The following coomand will displays information about the security group with the ID sg-88888.

aws ec2 describe-security-groups --group-ids sg-88888 --region us-west-2

Reference :

answered 2 years ago

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