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/Does Route53 Health checks Charge hourly also?/

Does Route53 Health checks Charge hourly also?


I have a doubt to regarding route53 aws health check pricing for non aws endpoint charge which is $0.75/Month but what if i use it for hourly. Will it charge hourly also ? or Does it charged basis on hours also? Suppose i have used it for 1 day only then deleted the health check. How AWS will calculate the price for this?

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I understand you want to know if it is possible to be charged basis on hours regarding route53 aws health check pricing for non aws endpoint charge which is $0.75/month.

yes it is possible , meaning you will be charged 0.75 divided by the time you use it. The monthly health check prices listed above are prorated for partial months[1]. the health check would have to be stopped to stop the cost.

for example take 0.75 divided by 30 days or 31 days to get the cost per day. then divide that by 24 hours to get cost per hour. then i multiply that by 10 hours

Reference link

1.AWS Documentation -

answered 18 days ago
  • Thanks Steven for your reply.

    I have raised case with AWS support and got reply like below: "09:20:36 AM Charne: So you will be charged $0.75 per health check / month, it is charged per health check and not hourly" . . "09:27:21 AM tanpreet19: So that means if i use only for 10 hours in a month or if i use for whole month in either AWS will charge me $0.75 . Is it right? 09:29:34 AM Charne: Yes you will be charges for each health check, it doesn't depend on the hours" Case ID 10241067981

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