How can I publish an application containing an AWS::Serverless::Function resource with a FunctionUrlConfig property?


I have a SAM template with an AWS::Serverless::Function resource that has a FunctionUrlConfig property. It builds and deploys just fine using the SAM CLI, so the transform clearly works. But when I try to publish it to the Serverless Application Repository (either with sam publish or aws serverlessrepo create-application or via the AWS Serverless Application Repository Console), I get the following error:

Invalid Serverless Application Specification document. Number of errors found: 1. Errors: Resource with id [IiifFunction] is invalid. property FunctionUrlConfig not defined for resource of type AWS::Serverless::Function

It seems like the Serverless Application Repository API simply isn't using an up-to-date schema to validate the template. Since FunctionUrlConfig is part of the documented AWS::Serverless::Function model, it seems like the app repository should accept it. Is there anything I can do to try to get past this? Or do I just have to wait until someone at AWS updates the API's template validator with the latest version of the model?

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I've found an answer to my own question. It turns out that my suspicion was correct and that the latest version of the SAM code simply hasn't been deployed to SAR yet.

answered a year ago

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