fail to run guide demo of DeepRacer SageMaker


I try to follow the developer guide of training model of DeepRacer on SageMaker, but fail in "traning_job = sagemaker.create_training_job" part: Enter image description here

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Hello Alexdudu, it's hard to respond without knowing the full stacktrace and I think you havent pasted it all. Where did you take this notebook from btw? If it's the sample one available in SageMaker sample notebooks I don't know if that one is working to be frank. Have a look at for a DeepRacer workshop with SageMaker and this repository which most likely contains what this workshop is using, but most importantly has been updated around re:Invent and there have been advanced workshops with a notebook at the conference so chances are high it will work.

answered a year ago

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