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Our AWS account is blocked and not able to create any instances. I had raised a ticket and AWS team responded as it has to be addressed by Verification team. This is again some 15 hours ago. Kindly let me know if there is a way to reach out to verification team, so that we can get some assistance to resolve this issue at the earliest.

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This AWS verification team with email address are unprofessional people. Despite repeated emails requesting for feedback on why they have blocked or suspended my account inspite of having provided all necessary documents, I receive no reply.

This is something that I hope AWS management should look into. These guys whoever is in charge of the AWS verification team need to be reminded of AWS core leadership principles of "customer obsession". In my experience to date, they are the anti-thesis of this AWS leadership principle and a big letdown for the company.

I am shocked that so many other customers have had to deal with nightmares of AWS-verification team behavior.

What a shame....

answered 7 months ago

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