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Hi, I have a question about the free tier usage of AWS Sagemaker.
It says on the free tier page:

Amazon SageMaker
250 Hours
per month of t2.medium notebook usage for the first two months

Does this mean that you have to start using Sagemaker right away when you start your account or your two months will be void? Or does this mean that the first two months you're using Sagemaker, up to 250 hours per month of t2.medium notebook usage is free?

I really just want to test something but I have to know if I can still do this for free. I've had my account since september 2018 so >2 months.

The FAQ page that's referred to about expiring offers FREE TRIAL (What's the difference between expiring and non-expiring offers? VIEW FAQs >> doesn't give an answer to my question.

Thanks in advance.

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answered 5 years ago


Sorry for any confusion caused!

The SageMaker trial begins after your first use of SageMaker - if you have not yet launched any SageMaker resources you will still be eligible for the 2 month trial period.

We can take a look at your account and advise directly if you create a support case:

I hope this helps!

Warmest Regards,

answered 5 years ago

but free tire is only for micro instances , but there is no micoro instances on sagemaker ?

answered a year ago

Hello, good time, I had a question, I received an email about using the service, do I have to pay to continue this service? If yes, check it

answered 6 months ago

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