Encrypted Amazon RDS DB snapshots shared with another account can't be restored without first copying it locally in the shared account.


Hey there, I'm looking for a way to share an encrypted RDS snapshot and restore it from the shared tab in the (shared account). More information: Today we have encrypted snapshots in our main account, and we created a shared KMS to share the snapshots between accounts. The process is working, and we can see the shared snapshot in the shared account, but the restored option is disabled. The snapshot is a big one over 3TB. Copying it locally is not an option. Could someone please help me and tell me why AWS is not letting us restore the encrypted shared snapshot directly without copying it?

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You have to copy the snapshot to the new account before you can restore it.

But yeah, snapshots need to encrypted with a kms key. Kms key needs to be accessible by the account where you are looking to restore the snapshot.

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answered a year ago
  • why can't I restore the snapshot from the shared tab (in the account i want to restore to). i don't want to copy it. because the snapshot is more then 3TB.

  • You can always delete the snapshot after you have restored it.

  • Afraid that’s just the way the process works. You copy the snapshot into your own Rds snapshot area then restore from there.

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