ERROR: invalid input syntax for type bigint: "95139.81653861178"


Using DMS I am migrating data from Oracle to postgres. I am getting errors from DMS, When I have checked the postgres logs I found the below errors.

ERROR: invalid input syntax for type bigint: "95139.81653861178" CONTEXT: COPY compositedata, line 307, column value: "95139.81653861178" :STATEMENT: COPY "toype"."compositedata" FROM STDIN WITH DELIMITER ',' CSV NULL 'attNULL' ESCAPE ''

Please let me know If you have any fix for this issue.

2 Answers

BIGINT expects and integer and 95139.81653861178 isn't an integer. You'll need a different data type that matches your source data better. You might want to try Schema Conversion Tool to help you.

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answered 2 years ago

Thanks for your help. I have changed postgres data type to double precision and it resolved the issue.

answered 2 years ago

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