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I have an AWS Organization set up and delegated IPAM to my network account. In my network account, I have created IPAM with a pool. This pool is shared to my dev account.

Now, moving to my dev account, I should be able to create a new VPC using the pool created in network, right? "There was an error creating your VPC. The operation AllocateIpamPoolCidr is not supported. Account 999999999999 is not monitored by IPAM ipam-0a0052a0b91ff8a1a."

Region is eu-central-1.

What am I doing wrong?

PS: Both account number and ipam id are fake.

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Hi, based on the error, sounds like you have deregistered/removed your Network (delegated IPAM) account from your management account. Please try following things.

  1. Re-add the Network Account as an IPAM delegated administrator in your management account
  2. In your IPAM account (your network account), go to IPAM ----> Planning-----> Pools
  3. Select the regional (eu-central-1) POOL (which you want to use for VPC creation) and click on that
  4. Go to CIDRs tab in that pool, and if you see any provisioned CIDR, select and deprovision those.
  5. Wait for deprovisioning to get fully completed. Once done, reprovision that CIDR again. wait for re-provisioning to get done.
  6. Try creating a VPC in the Dev Account.
answered 3 months ago

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