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/Health check is too frequently/

Health check is too frequently


Hello. I run my instance using launching configuration and autoscaling group. On the details tab I see: Health check grace period = 300. Also, I have a load balancer with target group. I set up health checks in the target group: timeout - 5 seconds and interval - 10 seconds. So, I should get one health check request for every 10 seconds. When I visit a cloudwatch log events, I see, that health checks requests sends too frequently, even I filter it by IP's:


Sometimes I can see 2 health checks in one second. Why? what can I do to fix it?

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In my case, I need to create different target groups with different health checks configurations and attach them to the load balancer (instead of instance) to listen and forward the request to a specific target group behind the load balancer.

answered 2 months ago

Each load balancer node independently checks your targets at the given rate. If you filter the healthcheck requests by just one node's IP, you should see it at a rate of once per 10s.

If the frequency of the healthchecks is causing your application issues, you can either reduce the frequency (which may mean a longer delay before an unhealthy node is detected), or consider creating a specific healthcheck endpoint which the application can use to indicate its status but avoids any other expensive processing your current one may be incurring.

answered 3 months ago
  • Thank you for your answer. I checked, that even one IP has many health checks record: INFO - 2022-04-05 09:17:25 - tornado.access - 200 GET /userapi/healthcheck ( 0.55ms INFO - 2022-04-05 09:17:29 - tornado.access - 200 GET /userapi/healthcheck ( 0.45ms INFO - 2022-04-05 09:17:32 - tornado.access - 200 GET /userapi/healthcheck ( 1.11ms I even log into docker of application and using docker logs --follow --since 5m f99ff94a0ff5 check log flow to confirm frequently requests. So my health check works fine, but too frequent. I made next experiment: I have this application with 2 revisions: "green" like active and "blue" like active and alternative. In the alternative "blue" cloudwatch I see correct log flow 1 request per 10 seconds but on the "green" cloudwatch I see frequent log flow like I provided above in this post. So application directly doesn't have an additional health check feature. I checked target group again - it healthy, works good, but I got many health check request which increase total price on my amazon account. Mybe any other idea what I need to check?

  • Also, I found an article on StackOverflow, which promised, that the bug was fixed, but it concerned NLB. I do not use NLB, just load balancer, maybe I need to check the update? any suggestions?

  • That is strange. I'd suggest opening a support ticket in that case so that the support and service teams can investigate your load balancer to see why it is performing health checks so frequently.

  • James, Support helped me to determine strange behavior: I use the Load balancer with 7 target groups attached to the one EC2 instance. Unfortunately, I do not know how to solve this issue, I can't create each Load Balancer for each target group because I use DNS name for Route 53. Maybe you can provide me with any solution?

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