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Amazon authorized an email change for my account without my consent. They want to charge me an invoice of $ 7,884 to my credit card that I had to cancel because they had stolen my data from amazon. The only response I get from AWS is that I do a series of steps that I don't have the knowledge to do. I am completely helpless. Does anyone know where I can report the case?

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I'm sorry for the concern and frustration this must have caused.

While our Support team will be able to take a closer look into this for you, there are some steps you can take to secure your account in the meantime.

Please check out this article for more info on this:

While discussing this with our Support team, should any of the steps seem overwhelming or unclear, please don't hesitate to ask them to clarify or assist, as they'd be more than happy to do so:


- Craig M.

answered a year ago

the Support team has not helped me. They just command me to do many actions that I have no knowledge of. But they ask me for a credit card. ¿? More than 15 days ago I reported the hacking of the account. The account continues with illicit services. and what worries the Support team is that I give them my credit card. My credit card data was stolen from AWS. for having allowed a change of email of my account that I DO NOT AUTHORIZE. Will you be responsible for the expenses caused by the theft of the credit card? Do not answer me with links to manuals. Please answer my specific questions.

answered a year ago

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