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Reboot stuck at Reached target Shutdown for two instances


Can someone assist rebooting the following instances?



Update: Screenshot shows that both instances are stuck at: Booting from Hard Disk 0...

I rebooted 4 total instances that are identical from the same AMI and two of them (above) are failing to complete boot-up. Please assist.

Much obliged, Al

  • Comon guys, this isn't a problem that I should need paid technical support for. Something is wrong with the boot process and I haven't tampered with it. Two instances of the same AMI booted and two failed. Can anyone look at this?

  • The two failed instances are in the "Running" state, so I am being billed for two instances that are not actually running.

asked 5 months ago72 views
1 Answer

I stopped/started the instances and I was able to connect. Don't know if they resumed the prior reboot command or what, so I attempted to reboot again and they completed this time. A big mystery. Doesn't instill confidence.

So, the solution Amazon provides us is the Microsoft mantra, reboot/restart/reboot/restart/re<verb>/re<verb>/re<verb>... until the thing starts working again. The future is here, people, and it requires frequent starts!

answered 5 months ago

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