How do I configure AWS VPC to route all traffic to an external cloud (Oracle Cloud) through a proxy server?


We have an AWS Lambda function that needs to transfer large files from AWS US East to Oracle Cloud in the Jeddah region (Saudi Arabia). We set up a site 2 site VPN tunnel between AWS US East to OCI in Ashurn VA and are routing traffic to Oracle Cloud Jeddah to the OCI backbone. To speed up file transfers between the US and Jeddah, we set up a proxy server in OCI Ashburn where we manipulated tcpbuffer settings to enable larger packet sizes over TCP. In our Lambda we want all connections to Oracle Cloud Jeddah to default to routing through the proxy server configured in OCI ashburn and have the requests forward from there to OCI jeddah? We want to know the best way to configure this custom routing on the AWS end.

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You should try to create a DNS record on Route53 pointing to your Proxy on OCI. As you already have a Site-to-Site VPN, traffic should flow normally. Configure your AWS Lambda to send data to this new endpoint. This way, your proxy will receive the traffic and send it to the server you want. But if your intention is to point to OCI managed services this may not work.

Can you give more details?

Do you think this proxy could be on the AWS side? So, you could configure the lambda Subnet to send traffic to the proxy on the AWS side via VPC Route Tables.

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