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Hi AWS Community,

I am reaching out to seek assistance with a challenge I am facing in replicating an Ubuntu 22.06 VM using the AWS DRS (Disaster Recovery Service) for protecting Azure VMs.

As of now, the replication process has been successful; however, only one out of the two required checks is passing. I have attempted troubleshooting steps, such as attaching a secondary network interface card, but the desired result has not been achieved.

I would greatly appreciate your guidance and expertise in resolving this matter. If there are specific steps or configurations that I might have overlooked, kindly share them with me.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Best Regards, Nitin Arora | Cloud Engineer at Him Technology

  • Could you explain more about the vpc setup?

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You can refer to the following article

Ensure the source machine has access to AWS DRS and that the replication agent is running. For Linux, use the systemctl status command to check the agent's status. Additionally, confirm connectivity to the AWS DRS endpoint on TCP Port 443​

If facing a 'Not Converging' error, it could suggest inadequate replication speed. Verify network bandwidth and assess the performance of replicator EBS volumes. Modify EBS volume types if necessary from the AWS DRS console under the Disk settings tab for the source server​

For errors like 'Failback Client Not Seen' or 'Failed to Download Replication Software to Failback Client', check network connectivity, including access to the AWS S3 endpoint. Network security appliances or proxies might block software downloads

Snapshot failures might be due to insufficient IAM permissions or API throttling. Ensure appropriate IAM roles and permissions are set and check CloudTrail logs for throttling errors

If there are issues in creating firewall rules or in authentication with the service, ensure that the IAM permissions are correctly set up and that the necessary ports (like TCP Port 443) are open on your replication server​

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answered 21 days ago
  • After Failover of source server, Ec2 created from failover has not internet access because of 0 indexed network card interface card, so I attached new interface card at 1 index with ec2. but issue remains same.

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