Typo in EC2 instance launching page


Not sure if this forum is the best place to report this, but apparently "0"ptimized should be Optimized in the EBS volume type options under the section "Storage (volumes)".

*Edit: Removed Image - Ben G.

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Hello, I would suggest to send this feedback through the EC2 Launch Instance page.

EC2_Launch Instance_Banner

EC2_Launch Instance_Feedback

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answered 2 months ago


Thank you for spotting that and taking the time to let us know. I have forwarded your feedback to the relevant team.

For future feedback about the console, as @joahna pointed out, you can use the feedback link for the new EC2 launch experience. You can also use the "Feedback" link that is located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Thanks, Marilyn AWS

answered 2 months ago

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