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/How to know which EC2-ELB I'm paying for/

How to know which EC2-ELB I'm paying for


Hello, with my billing Dashboard, I'm getting 0.5 dollars daily for usage of Ec2-ELB for two days, even without any declared loadbalancer or accessing to my account. How I can find the source of this consumption I looked in EC2 load balancer I don't find any ELB Can you please advise ?

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Hi RoB,

You can get granular resource charge and usage data per hour in the CUR. Enabling CUR is free, there will be a small charge for storing the data in S3.

You can also query your CUR with Athena, but it needs to be setup first (there will be a small charge per query - see Athena pricing)

And finally as an example of queries you can utilize to query CUR with Athena, there are sample queries in the Well Architected CUR Query Library

answered 4 months ago
Accepted Answer

You can use Cost Explorer (free tool) to dive deeper into your daily charges. Launch and Activate it from the billing console of the account, and use the combination of grouping and filter options.

For example, you can filter ELB service, and you can group by Usage Type or API Operation. This will give you more info regarding usage types that you are charged for.

It's possible that you see billing for ELB in one region, but you currently use resources in another region, make sure you check which region the billing is related to.

answered 4 months ago

If you have Config enabled in the region where you are being billed you can select AWS ElasticLoadBalancing LoadBalancer and AWS ElasticLoadBalancingV2 LoadBalancer as the Resource Types and ensure you select Include Deleted Resources. This should then populate the resources associated with your charges which you can then drill into to see when and how they were created.

answered 4 months ago

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