"Failed to start the instance. Insufficient Capacity" error


I tried starting a couple of my ec2 instances this morning on the us-east-1a zone and kept getting an error saying "Failed to start the instance. Insufficient Capacity". I was trying to start 1 instance at a time and a total of 7 instances. Each instance has 32 vcpu and 192GB RAM. I've been running ec2 instances for a couple years now and have never ran into this issue or seen it before. Is there something I can do so this doesn't happen again in the future?

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Insufficient instance capacity covers the steps that you can take to address the error you can getting.

answered 2 years ago

Occasionally, demand for certain instance types can be so high that AWS does not have sufficient capacity at the moment you request it. In that case, you have several options:

  1. Use a different instance type if you need immediate resources, and switch back to the preferred instance type later;
  2. Try launching the instance in a different Availability Zone;
  3. Wait a few seconds and retry;
  4. Consider purchasing Reserved Instances if you want the greatest likelihood that the specific instance type will be available to you in your preferred AZ when you request it.
answered 2 years ago

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