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/Connect Amazon MSK cluster to on-premises web server?/

Connect Amazon MSK cluster to on-premises web server?


I am trying out AWS MSK and created a cluster following the tutorial. What I want to know is, how can I connect my on-premises web sever to the created cluster as a producer. The tutorial only mention how to use AWS MSK with ec2 instance. Is there any other tutorial or blog post that I can refer to?

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There are several methods to connect to your AWS MSK clusters outside of your VPC.
VPC Peering:
VPC Transit Gateway:
AWS Direct Connect:
REST Proxy: A REST proxy can be installed on an instance running within your VPC. REST proxies allow your producers and consumers to communicate to the cluster through HTTP API requests.

answered 3 years ago

This stackoverflow article describes a way for on-premise machines to access the MSK cluster through a kafka Rest Proxy framework.
Hope this helps,

answered 3 years ago

Thanks I will check the confluent rest proxy.

answered 3 years ago

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