I can't get a Connection between Customer Gateway and Virtual Private Gateway


My VPC can get a Connection to my VGW and the Status of my VPN is UP but I can't get a connection to the external Server. Do I need a Transit Gateway or is it possible without? In most Tutorials, they don't configure one. Or any other Recommendation?

  • Are you using BGP? What is the status of the BGP peering?

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Your question is too vague to give a clear answer. If the VPN is showing that it has one or more tunnels up in the console, then it is likely that you have configured the VPN correctly.

On a high level, you now need to ensure that you have:

  1. Attached the VGW to the VPC in which your EC2 instance lies
  2. Ensure that you either enable route propagation into the route table being used by the subnet in which your AWS resource is, or create a static route that covers the local IP address prefix on your customers side as a destination to the VGW in the route-table used by your subnet.
  3. On the customer gateway side, you need to make sure that you have a route entry to the VPN that covers at least the prefix used by the subnet in AWS in which you have the resource you would like to reach
  4. Make sure that the security groups of the resource that you want to reach allows ingress traffic from the on premise network to the ports and protocols that you want to use. By default egress is allowed from ec2 resources - if you have changed that - you need to also cater to egress traffic back to on premise network.
answered 2 months ago

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