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How to disable unlimited CPU credits mode in Elastic Beanstalk?


My services are running on Beanstalk, using T4g instances.

By default, the unlimited CPU credit mode seems to be enabled.

I'm pretty happy with the auto-scaling setup, and I'd rather have more instances boot up than have unpredictable costs related to the unlimited CPU credits.

Is there a way to disable the unlimited CPU credits mode? Disabling it per EC2 instance is probably not an option, as I'm guessing the auto-scaling group would just re-create it with the unlimited mode enabled.

Did anybody do something similar?


asked 8 months ago214 views
2 Answers
Accepted Answer

Have you considered setting the default credit specification for each burstable performance instance family at the account level per AWS Region. For more info refer to set the default credit specification for the account.

answered 8 months ago
  • Thanks! I didn't know that was possible. Gave it a shot and it indeed works for my purpose!


Good question. You can configure this in the Elastic Beanstalk configuration files, .ebextensions with an "aws ec2 modify-instance-credit-specification" Check out for more information.

I don't believe you can set that option in the console, but I'm not a beanstalk expert.

As for some of the other responses, keep in mind if you set it at the account level - that will affect anything running in the account/region as well.

answered 8 months ago
  • Hi. Regarding "keep in mind if you set it at the account level - that will affect anything running in the account/region as well.", please note that the EC2 User Guide states the following: "If you use the Launch Instance Wizard in the EC2 console to launch instances, the value you select for the credit specification overrides the account-level default credit specification. If you use the AWS CLI to launch instances, all new burstable performance instances in the account launch using the default credit specification. The credit specification for existing running or stopped instances is not affected."

    It will be worthwhile testing if the above also happens with Auto Scaling.

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