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/One of my instances is stuck at login screen (viewed on system logs) after restarting or stop then start! Can't SSH to it!/

One of my instances is stuck at login screen (viewed on system logs) after restarting or stop then start! Can't SSH to it!


I have 4 instances on EC2 and there is only one of them that I can't connect to in SSH even if I restart or stop then start it. After long minutes of initialisation, the instance console tells me that "1/2 verifications succeed" and when I check the System Logs, I see that the instance is stuck at the login screen. It show "Ubunutu 20.4 LTS <my_instance name> login :". I really need this instance, it's very important!

PS : how can I attached pictures to my question?

3 Answers

What if you try the take a snapshot of the instance and then try recreating it?

answered 5 months ago

For troubleshooting, you might want to see if the EC2 Serial Console can help.

When the instance is shut down (not terminated!) you can attach the EBS volume to a working instance to change the filesystem - but that may only help if you know what is wrong.

Finally, the AWS EC2 support team are there to help - raise a support ticket with them if you are stuck; the challenge with re:Post is that we don't have access to your environment; we can supply information and suggestions only.

answered 5 months ago

Hi, you could try this Troubleshoot instances with failed status checks

re:Post doesn't cater attachments at this stage, you could use something like

answered 5 months ago
  • Hi, thanks for your reply, I already tried the contents that concerned my problems and none of them help me to resolve this login screen problem...

  • Please don't dislike the answer, I am trying my best to help with the info that was provided. There were no log messages to help you further. Appreciate that someone has taken time to research and respond. There was no mention of you going through the link that was provided.


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