Aurora Serverless Interface Endpoint preventing VPC delete


A VPC interface endpoint was automatically created when I created an Aurora serverless database. I deleted the database but the interface endpoint is still there. Now, I can't delete my VPC because there's no way to delete the interface endpoint.

An interface endpoint is supposed to be automatically deleted when the service that created it is deleted. I've deleted this Aurora Serverless cluster but the interface endpoint remains. Is there a way to force delete this endpoint?

It appears that the error is an API timed-out. I've already ran the VPC dependency shell script and found no dependencies for this interface endpoint. Attached are screenshots of the API timed-out error and a cloutrail log of when RDS (Aurora Serverless) created this endpoint.

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1 Answer

I figured out what was still using the interface endpoint. It was an RDS proxy. I deleted the proxy and was able to delete the VPC.

answered 4 years ago

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