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/How to connect Glue to MSK with IAM authentication?/

How to connect Glue to MSK with IAM authentication?


When setting up a Glue Connection for our MSK cluster configured woth IAM authentication, the broker disconnects the connection from Glue jobs using the connection with a message that says SASL failed. We have given ghe role used on the Glue job full permission. Is it currently possible to connect using IAM authentication?

1 Answers

Currently, AWS Glue does not integrate with Amazon MSK clusters configured to use AWS IAM access control.

You can connect to MSK clusters using IAM Access Control from other AWS services, such as Amazon EMR and Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics. In these cases, you configure the Kafka client to use MSK IAM authentication.

Also, AWS Lambda has its own integration with MSK clusters using IAM Access Control, through an Event Source Mapping. By taking this approach, the Kafka client is configured for you.

answered 7 months ago

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