AWS Elemental Medialive Input Switch Schedule Action not working for Audio Only HLS Channel


Hi, I have a MediaLive Channel which ingests 4 inputs, 1 Live feed and 3 static clips, and it has an audio only HLS output group. I want to perform schedule actions to switch between the 4 inputs but when I create an Input Switch Schedule Action (have tried using both management console and SDK), it throws an error saying that Input Switching cannot be performed on Audio Only Channels.

My application is for Audio Only Channel, so I don't want to create a video description on my Output group. That would consume resources and it is also not required in my application.

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Based on the information you've provided and the error you're seeing, it appears that AWS Elemental MediaLive does not support input switching for audio-only channels. This may be due to the way MediaLive manages inputs and the encoding process.

As I know, AWS documentation and feature set might not allow input switching for audio-only channels, but it's possible this could change in the future. Therefore, it would be best to check the most recent AWS documentation or contact AWS support for the latest information.

However, if input switching is crucial to your application, you might need to rethink the design. One workaround could be to include a video stream but discard it in your processing chain after the MediaLive stage. But, as you mentioned, this would consume resources and might not be the best solution.

Another option might be to use a different service or toolchain that allows for more flexibility with audio-only input switching. The right choice would likely depend on the specifics of your use case and requirements.

As always, these kind of design decisions involve trade-offs between complexity, cost, and capability, and it would be a good idea to test different options to see what works best for your application.

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