Without ECR being enabled in AWS account at Organization Level, what's the impact to SageMaker Studio?


I have a customer already standardized Artifactory as the centralized image registration. They disabled ECR service at Org level. Now we want to understand the potential impact on customer's day-2-day use of SageMaker Studio as a platform to support their full ML lifecycle.

(If customer only use built-in SageMaker algorithm or framework and use prebuilt SageMaker container images)

Especially when customer trying to deploy the model to endpoint, does that need ECR service to be enabled in customer account?

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Hi, yes, if you're restricting the user to only built-in algorithms and frameworks, and prebuilt images for Studio, you should be able to use it seamlessly (to deploy endpoints as well). That said, it severely restricts the data scientist from using custom images that could be built to their needs and packages, or bringing their own container for machine learning.

answered 2 years ago

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