Why SSL certificate(issued through AWS Certificate Manager) fails to apply on Apache2 server running on EC2 Linux instance?



I have generated a public SSL certificate through AWS Certificate Manager. I want to use this certificate for my web applications running on EC2 instance under Apache Server for HTTPS Access.

I have followed following steps to configure the SSL for my EC2 instance using CloudFront and Route 53.

Routing traffic to an Amazon CloudFront distribution by using your domain name

How do I configure my CloudFront distribution to use an SSL/TLS certificate?

Why can't I configure ACM certificates for my website hosted on an EC2 instance?

EC2 instance is running on Linux server. Apache and Django server are running inside docker container and accessible over http: port 80 and https: port 443, django server running on 8015 port over ssl.

After configuration I am able to get the web page over http but over https it is not reachable.

Hello. there, is there any solution to this problem? I am still not able to solve this problem yet. Any help would let me solve this issue and move ahead.

Thanks in advance!

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Please try setting "Redirect HTTP to HTTPS" in the settings in the following document.

Also, have you completed the SSL certificate settings and domain settings for CloudFornt using the settings described in the following document?

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answered 3 months ago
  • Hi, I have already followed the steps mentioned in the above links but it doesn't work.

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