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/AWS EC2 Class Load Balancer Retiring question/

AWS EC2 Class Load Balancer Retiring question


Can we confirm if all EC2 Classic Load Balancers will be retired after Aug 15, 2022?

Per this AWS Blog post it says that the EC2 Classic Load Balancer will be retiring on August 15, 2022.

It also seems to indicate that there are 2 types of EC2 Classic Load Balancers. The first being the first generation. The second being the one with VPC.

I wasn't sure if both of those are going to be retired or just the first one.

I have projects using EC2 Classic Load Balancers with VPC so I want to make sure I'm ok and that I don't have to do any migration.

1 Answers

What will be retired is EC2-Classic Network, not Classic Load Balancer

It is the default network mode very long ago when VPC did not even exist.

First, if your account was created after 2013-12-04, you can't even launch EC2-Classic, so it doesn't affect you.

If your account was created before that, you can see if your EC2 is running on EC2-Class Network by looking at the VPC ID of the instance. If there is no VPC ID, then it's the classic one.

You can also use the tools to search for EC2-Classic resources:


answered 16 days ago
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