How to invalidate cloudfront cache for appsync custom domain name?


Since the cloudfront distro for appsync custom domain names is managed and inaccessible I was wondering how I invalidate the cache? I noticed there's an 'update' button in the custom domain details section, wondering if that will do it, or i need to wait for the caches default TTL?

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Thank you for reaching out us regarding the above query. I would like to share that, unfortunately, at the moment, there is no way of invalidating the CloudFront cache (configured for custom domain) directly from AppSync Console.

Having said that, i would like to mention that, with respect to data handling i.e Queries, mutations, subscriptions with a custom domain name are treated in a similar way as they are with the default API endpoint (with default CloudFront behaviors). However, in case if you are observing any cached behavior with the custom domain, it would be invalidated automatically after the TTL.

For more information the same, please refer to the below documentation:

Moving ahead, in case, if you have Server Side Caching enabled for you AppSync API then you can directly flush the cache from AppSync Console or evict the cache as mentioned in the below documentation :

Additionally, if your use case requires to have full control over the CloudFront distribution, we can also configure a custom domain with custom distribution created in our account. For more information on the same, please refer to the below documentation:

Having said that, in case you face further challenges, please feel free to open a support case with AWS using the following link.

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