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Macbook Pro 14 and Workspaces full screen issue


Hi, does anyone know of an existing issue with MBP14 M1Pro laptops and AWS Workspaces? If I do the AWS WS app to the full screen, I'm losing part of the upper menu - i.e. MS Outlook search bar not visible, Google Chrome, FF tabs above the address bar aren't visible. Is there a workaround to get rid of it? I already tried to set "scale to fit below built-in camera" - didn't help either.

Thanks for thoughts

asked 7 months ago230 views
3 Answers

Hi AZ,

A few things you should check:

  • Are you running the latest macOS client version 4.0.6? If not, download the latest version.
  • Does this issue happen when you Exit Full Screen Mode on the WorkSpace Client?
  • Is your WorkSpace running a Graphic Bundle? If so, Graphics bundles support only a single monitor configuration with a maximum resolution of 2560x1600.
  • If your screen resolution in WorkSpaces is low and objects look blurry, you need to turn on high DPI mode and adjust the display scaling settings on your Mac. See WorkSpaces high DPI display support.
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answered 6 months ago
  • Hi Dzung,

    • Yes, I'm running the latest available Workspaces client on macOS 12.2.1 (Macbook Pro 14 with M1 Pro CPU)
    • This issue happens only when the Workspaces client is in full-screen mode (with or without an external monitor - same)
    • No, my WorkSpace is not a Graphic Bundle
    • Tried to enable DPI - no changes

    A couple of screenshots uploaded here -

    In the screenshots, please take attention to Outlook's search bar - in the maximized Workspaces client, I can see a search bar in Outlook. If I do full screen - the search bar is "half cut" and not fully visible. The same applies to program buttons (minimize, maximize, close). If I do full screen of the WorkSpaces client, i.e. Google Chrome tabs are not visible at all.


I got this issue too. (MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)), v.12.3

  • tried to delete the workspace and create new one, but it still exist.
  • tried to login from other device (iMac), ther are no problem with the same login.
  • seems to issue only persist at the MacBook Pro that I use. however, i delete the workspace app and re-install. it still doesn't help solve the problem
answered 5 months ago

This is due to the MacBook notch. The simple fix is to right-click Amazon Workspace in Applications, click Get Info, and then check the box for "Scale to fit below built-in camera".

answered 2 months ago

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