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CDK: How to restore a Redshift from a Snapshot ?


I have created a new Redshift using CfnCluster construct with snapshotIdentifier specified. The snapshot contains one table and some data in it.

However, the newly-created cluster does not contain the table or data. Do I miss something to restore a cluster from a snapshot ?

asked 3 months ago43 views
2 Answers

The snapshot identifier indicates the name of the snapshot from which the new cluster will be created. The stack looks good, however the issue needs further investigation to understand why the data is not restored from the snapshot.

I request you to Create a support case so that we may further dive into the specifics of your configuration.

answered 3 months ago

Problem solved for me. This was because the snapshotIdentifier passed from external file was undefined. My bad.

answered 3 months ago

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