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/Why AWS and SES team is so non-friendly?/

Why AWS and SES team is so non-friendly?


I'm new user in AWS. I have website and want to send newsletters. I've found, that Amazon SES have good pricing and I wish to migrate. BUT when I send request for production access, because from sandbox you can only test, I really don't know, WHO can work under sandbox. So, I sent my request by first time and result is deny in 2 seconds, than I send another one reply to this case, and result deny in few hours. I've done all steps from SES Docs, I verified domain and clearly described my process. I prefer to make some complaints on AWS and SES service, I will contact first with AWS sales, than I will contact with other services and I will share my AWS experience on reddit, quora, Facebook and many other social. My case id xxxxxxxxxx

*Edit: Removed case ID — Kita B.

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Hello Inge,

I'm so sorry for any frustration caused by the outcome of your SES sending quota request. All new accounts are placed in the Amazon SES sandbox, from which you're able to use all of our Amazon SES features. However, certain restrictions are your applied to your account.

Requests to remove your account from the sandbox are carefully reviewed by our Support team, however, they might not be granted if your use case does not align with our policies.

For more information on moving out of the Amazon SES sandbox, please review the following documentation:

Visit the following link for details on qualifying for automatically and user-requested increased SES sending quotas:

For security reasons, we're unable to discuss case or account details on this platform. If you have any questions or concerns, please reopen your support case. You may also provide feedback on your case in our Support Center:

Best regards,

Kita B.

answered 3 months ago
  • Dear, Kita. My SES usage and content of website fully comply with policies of AWS. If you don't indicate in policies, terms and other resources - its not issue customers, its AMAZON issue.

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