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/How to send messages with GameLift Client in Java/

How to send messages with GameLift Client in Java


The GameLift Reference guide shows information on actions available using the C# SDK. It shows methods for "NewMessage" and "SendMessage". I am building my client with Java, and I can't seem to find any equivalent function in Java to send a message to the Server from the Client. Does anyone know what the equivalent methods in Java are for sending messages to a RealTime server? Thank you.

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1 Answers

Hello, I think you are referring to the AWS SDK for Java, that is not only for GameLift, but for the majority of AWS services that are actionable with an API call see it here. With the SDK you might access different actions of the GameLift service management, like session placement and other. But the other SDK you are referring, the real time client API is meant for Unity (C#) and there is no other option at the moment for that particular SDK in any other programming language

answered 6 months ago
  • Hi. I am familiar with the SDK and have found ways of using Java to create Game and Player Sessions. Once the Player Session is created I do not understand how I can interact with it or communicate to it. There is a reference to example Server logic here:

    What APIs in the Java SDK are used to communicate with that script? There must be some way to communicate to an AWS GameLift server script using Java.

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